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Divayth Fyr's Keys

And Other Secrets of Tel Fyr


Yes, his keys ARE useful - if you like dungeon-crawling

A while back I saw a text description of how to use these keys (e.g. Divayth's 637th Key) but I can't remember where.  So I checked it out on my own and put this page together.

To begin you need Key #637 which is on the table behind Divayth Fyr.  Use it to open Chest #1 (noted on the map above).  The key you find in each chest is used to open the next chest in the sequence.  No one seems to care if you take the contents from a chest that was opened using the proper key (including Chests #7 and #8).



Key Found


Also opens a chest next to a bed in the Hall of Fyr
This chest is under water beneath a ledge
The Guarskin Drum is by a campfire here (see below)
This chest is on the other side of the "Old Gate"

This chest is in an alcove off the room with the door to the Corprusarium
Key 1008 also opens the Golden Door (see below)
This chest is on the bottom shelf of the bookcase left of Divayth Fyr (see below)
This chest holds the Volendrung War Hammer worth 600 gold (no enchantments)

Additional Notes

The Guarskin Drum
Don't pick it up until AFTER Uupse Fyr asks you to find it. I picked it up early and dropped it nearby before talking to her. After our conversation I picked it up and talked to her again. That trick failed.


Chest #7
The Daedric Sanctuary Amulet found in this chest leads to a sub-quest where you can earn the Daedric Crescent. Equip the amulet to proceed.


The Closet by Chest #8
The Closet next to Yagrum the dwarf contains a full set of Dwemer armor plus Dwemer shield and war axe, some skill-boosting books and 246 Dwemer coins. If you can't crack the lock yourself you can kill Yagrum for the key (after you are cured of Corprus - ignore the "Broken Thread of Prophecy" message).


Divayth's Own Key
Divayth Fyr carries Divayth's Key which opens the nearby large chest containing the Scourge mace, and the Closet down the hall containing the Cuirass of the Savior's Hide. After you are cured of Corprus and have reported back to Caius Cosades he is of no further use - again ignore the "Broken Thread of Prophecy" message.

Divayth also wears a full set of Daedric armor including the elusive Daedric Pauldrons (thanks Zack Goodman for the reminder).  According to the Construction Set there are three other pairs out there but I haven't found them.


The Golden Door
Behind this door is Delyna Mandas who wants an escort out of the tower. She gives you a locket to take to her father Arethan Mandas. I had visited with Arethan earlier in the game (well before my Tel Fyr visit) and a funky entry appeared in my journal, as though I'd had a conversation with Divayth Fyr. So I took the locket back to Arethan and, although he responded to it, I couldn't get closure on the quest. If you're not in House Redoran you will have to be content with just releasing Delyna.